Pining for...pretty treats

I've officially switched to frugal mode as I know we're moving in 3 short months and to be honest, I don't need another pair of shoes or another ring, or anymore coasters. But that's the beauty of Pinterest, right? No commitment. And if one day my friends want to buy me something pretty, who am I to stop them?

However, despite my recent matcha fail (read more here. btw I ate the last one yesterday and can say they did not improve with time) I still want to try out all the yummy sounding recipes I find on Pinterest. Banana AND chocolate AND peanut butter? You must be joking. No? Ok then. I'll be trying this deviled avocado recipe too. I don't think I've ever had baked avocado and it sounds heavenly and now I'm really hungry. Thanks Pinterest.

My most exciting find of the week is this: removable sticky wallpaper sheets available in a range of pretty pretty colours and patterns. A must-have for my future cottage.

Oh how I wish I already knew my future cottage! The suspense is killing me. Plus I need at least 3 months to plan out what will go where and what needs buying and what would look amazing but can't be done since it would require a bulldozer and a million Pounds. In the meantime, we've always got Easter bunnies.

Happy Easter bunnies!!!!!!!


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  1. Anonymous3/30/2013

    Happy Easter Bunnies to you!!!

    Please send me a link for the recipe for baked avocados, sounds nice!