bUcKet list

I don't know how much posting I'll be doing over the next ten days in the UK, so to keep you going here is a little bit of what I've got planned for us. I'm so excited, this is just what I need to perk me up for the next few months.

A birthday celebration for one of my favourite people with lots of my family. This doesn't happen very often so it's a real treat.

Lots of time in Yorkshire to visit our future home and home town and my cousin Snoo who I can tell is going to be a fantastic tour guide. Did I mention we are thinking of moving to Yorkshire? Well now it's official! 

Just look at that view. Not a single grumpy commuter or overpriced cocktail in sight!

Then it's back to the cocktail capital of the world for the weekend before heading home. Hopefully we'll fit in some St Patrick celebrations in a cozy pub like this one.

Some serious fooding experiences recommended by this lovely lady

Did I mention shopping? 

With a bit of greenery thrown in for good measure. 

And a fox. Because look at that face.

Cheerio, bunnies!

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