Leeds go out for a breath of fresh Saltaire, shall we? I promise It'll be Haworth it!

Actually I could have started with "have you Nuneaton yet?? You must be starving!" as that was our first destination on this trip, but I'm not sure whether my lovely family wants to be seen on this blog, nor whether you'd be that interested, so let's just say we had a great weekend and a birthday meal all together and then on Sunday we caught the train with my cousin Snoo and at one station we saw this:

I love it. In fact I want one in my kitchen. 

Then just as we pulled into Keighley station a steam train was leaving!

See the sign? I could be catching a steam train from Haworth to Keighley to visit my cousin in a few months! Where else could I catch a (non-steam) train to? Oh yes, Saltaire. One of my favourite little villages and a world heritage site (you can read all about it here). It was so so so cold, but we managed to snap a few pictures

Time for lunch at the French restaurant that was very very good (and the fact that I was cold and starving made it even better). 

We even went back the next day to try the Salt Mills diner in the converted salts mill that doubles as a bookshop/home decor shop and to buy a vintage oval mirror in a lovely little antique shop called Rose and Brown, which I very stupidly forgot to snap a picture of. We've left it over there so you'll have to be very patient, but it's definitely Haworth the wait (I promise I'm almost done with the puns)!

 Speaking of which... want to see some more of Haworth?

Inside the Rose & Co shop. One thing is for sure: people who live here never run out of soap. Or of kinky knickers.

I just noticed we must have spent a lot of time in pubs. Well at least we know they are good, right? After that we caught the bus home and Boyfriend did some nice traditional French cooking: 'pâté aux pommes de terres', i.e. potato pie. I might ask him to post the recipe one of these days as it's yummy and warming, perfect for the winter (and the spring, as it turns out...)

The next day we visited Leeds, but with a very low battery on the camera, so only three shots were taken:

Religion for all, booze, and probably the only ray of sun on an otherwise rainy/snow/hailstony day. It's a nice city with all the shops you'd want to have around. And apparently lots more are opening soon, as I just found out here

On to another cute place? Hebden Bridge! The bus ride alone is worth it, taking you over the dales past sheep and cows and wide open spaces that really make you want to live in Yorkshire. And look. They have an Easter duck race. Now all I need is a duck.

And cars with huge eyelashes

And a bunch of cute little cafes that make yummy and cheap food and even give you your Chai latte for free for keeping you waiting 5 minutes.

They also have (not pictured) the most exciting antique shop I've ever seen, with bargains in every corner and amazing pieces of furniture for next to nothing. I'm seriously considering selling most of what we've got at the moment and renting a van to furnish our future cottage from this place only (With this little sofa thrown in, because I've been wanting it forever and don't care how uncomfortable or badly made it is. Just look at it).

This delicious meal was cooked on our last evening in Yorkshire by Snoo: salmon, cream cheese, chives (I think??), filo pastry, new potatoes and green beans. YUM!! A perfect ending to a perfect week in Yorkshire. Thanks again for having us and for being such lovely hosts and introducing us to lots of fun people you two!

Now on to London! For once we were really unlucky with the wheather, but we were lucky with the hotel I booked at the last minute. It was pretty cheap, but turned out to be a cute little flat with its own kitchen and lounge! I even got a little enveloppe on the bed with my name on it ;)

I particularly loved the view since we were in Notting hill just a few steps from the underground and from Portobello road.


Cocktails at Central & Co. as promised on my bucket list. Nice but a little over the top for our taste! I couldn't get a single decent pic of our food because it was so (fashionably) dark, but here is my coffee parfait to give you an idea:

All the pubs were in full-blown St Patrick's mode so we got our dose of Wild Rover on friday night!

We couldn't possibly not visit our favourite London pub on Fleet Street, stopping at St Paul's for some rainy photos in the dark

Aaaah, so cozy. As usual we had a nice chat with the people in the alcove across from us. The next morning I went for a little walk on my way to get breakfast for Boyfriend and me.

We had planned to have a 'tube-free' day, walking across the parks into the heart of the city, but as we left the hotel my umbrella was blown inside out, so we gave up on that idea.

Mandatory stop at Umai, my favourite Japanese supermarket for a strange looking but quite nice snack (which inspired me to bake using Matcha for the first time yesterday! More about that later...)

We did manage some walking in the parks in the afternoon and saw lots of fat squirrels and pigeons.

Then on to the concert I mentionned in my last post. Boyfriend was taking the pics and they all look like this:

So now you've met my cousin Rich :)

The next morning we had time for a quick walk up Portobello Road before heading back to the hotel and to St Pancras (via Covent Garden and Jamie's Italian to retrieve my credit card... long boring story, but I've learned my lesson: in future I will pay for any bar drinks BEFORE I got to my table)

Delicious Matcha bubble tea!

Oh how I'd love to live in one of these. Probably not in London though. It might sound weird but my next exciting fashion purchase will probably be pair of (floral) wellies and some nice warm sweaters for roaming the Yorkshire dales. Am I old all of a sudden? Maybe I've finally realised how comfortable comfort actually is.


  1. Well it looks like you've had an amazing time in Yorkshire! And you have covered all of my favourite places too - Hebden Bridge (we're off to the Duck Race if the weather holds out) and Saltaire. And funnily enough we're off to Howarth soon too! x

  2. Hello! I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can read about it at my blog. Polly x