Roamie out and about

If you're a regular reader of this here blog, you are probably familiar with my little bunny friend Vadrouill (I like to call him Roamie the bunny, because that's what his name means in French), who likes to travel the world in peoples' pockets and photobomb their holiday pics. I found Vad one day on my way home from work (you can read the full post here) and we've been friends ever since. I case you hadn't noticed, I seem to have a soft spot for bunnies.

So before our trip to Yorkshire and London, we asked Roamie if he'd like to join us. Guess what?

He even brought his girlfriend along! Or maybe his boyfriend? Who knows! The more the bunnier!

Off we went on our adventure!

And Roamie certainly didn't waste any time befriending the locals...

There was plenty of canoodling in pubs! 

And the Roamies were as taken with the countryside as we were. 

This is the perfect place for an Easter nest, don't you think Roamie? Now all you need is an egg or two.

We even took them to Leeds, and look what we found in the Moore institute! Roamies' ancestors! What are they? Some kind of bunnysaurs do you think? 

And even though the Roamies have already been to London, we treated them to a nice meal at Jamie Oliver's Italian place in Covent garden. They were happy bunnies until they spotted the rabbit on the menu...

Time to catch up on some Zzzzs

And a St Patrick's eve concert too! My cousin recently joined this band called Indian Summer, which happens to have been going for years, they've even toured in France and been on the Jacques Martin show with Nana Mouskouri (this probably doesn't mean anything to most of you readers, so you can just go ahead and be mightily impressed).

Time to go home already :( noooooo! But the Roamies will be back soon for a very tropical adventure! Shhhh! I'm not telling where, it's a surprise!

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  1. Anonymous3/21/2013

    looked like a lot of bun I mean fun ;)