Pining for...beauty

Are peonies even in season? I keep spotting them all over Pinterest. I have never had peonies at home (hint, hint).

Serious swoon

Homely swoon

Simple steps to fewer aches and a graceful body.

A reminder to try out this yummy looking recipe using the cookie cutters that someone very lovely sent to me recently

As soon as I get back from that weekend in Brittany. Have a good one my dear bunnies!

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  1. Anonymous3/01/2013

    Oh what lovely pictures! Would be great to live in a house with beautiful rooms like those.

    Peonies come out in summer, they are a plant that stay green all year (in milder climates, but disappear in colder climates) and then they regrow and bloom, the season varies depending on the variety and season but late spring, early summer, you have flowers for only about two weeks then they are gone again until the next year. (strangely they make me think of pears, figure, lol) They can be worth the wait, there are some beautiful ones! Probably best though to buy boquets in season and have them in a vase indoors, you see them for longer!