Toiling with doilies

First, take an age to decide what kind of vibe you want to give your very bare mini-hallway. Take into account the only element of decor: the black and white family photos of yore.

What else can be added? Oh yes: light. 

Think back to your yeti shade project.

Think about how long it took and decide on something faster and cozier with a vintage feel. Think doilies. Tea-stained doilies.

Go to Ikea. Change your mind and go for the pear-shaped shade instead of the round paper shade. Such extravagance.

Oh yes, I forgot, this stage is essential: take a bunch of photos of the before, during, materials, etc., then accidentally delete them. Resort to using the official Ikea website photo that stinks. 

Whip out your vintage rose-coloured masking tape and start taping doilies onto the shade. Go into the kitchen to make some tea. Come back: doilies are all on the floor. Give up on masking tape. Whip out the liquid glue and paintbrush. Go doily-crazy.

Halfway through: run out of doilies. Pass second order to Singapore and pay double postage. Notice after paying that the price of the doilies has skyrocketed. Too late. Wait two weeks. Upon arrival, doilies are a slightly different colour and texture than the first batch. Pray that nobody will notice. Spend Sunday evening arranging doilies that are reluctant to stick while listening to old and embarrassing tunes of yore (like this).

The room looks pretty dark in this picture, but really it just gives the small space a nice and warm feel.

I think I quite like it.

I will call him Andre.

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  1. Andre?! Ha, love it. The lamp is gorgeous, such a creative idea. Good work! xo