Homies and bunnies

For some reason I thought it was extremely noteworthy and worth sharing that my stats are shaped like a bunny. And that we passed 10,000 views this weekend! Yay for bunnies!

Also, I somehow got entered into this competition that I have no intention of winning, but still, it's noteworthy, yes? And really sweet of whoever thought I was missing from the list. (psst! send me an email telling me who you are and you might get a little something!)

And if like me you have nothing better to do on a Monday morning after virtually one week out of the office (kidding of course...), why don't you go over to AT and click on that cute little button for me?


  1. Hi. Just wanted to drop by and let you know I have voted for you on The Homies. Best of Luck for the competition!

    1. Thanks for your vote Boots :)
      By the way, I'm loving your pictures of the snow and can just imagine walking along the cold Brighton beach with chattering teeth and a big smile on my face!