February showers

On Saturday I looked out of the window and decided it was the perfect day for a walk in the forest. I was also really sick of being cooped up inside and although my energy levels were low, so were my expectations of the forest near our house.

Then they dropped even more when, half an hour later, I looked out onto the terrace and saw hail stones.

But they stopped. And the day dragged on. And I changed my mind three times about going and in the end we DID go. And guess what? As we were finally driving into the forest (I didn't take my satnav because let's face it, this forest is only 4 km from our house driving straight and then right and then straight again. However, we DID manage to go on a detour, because we're those people. I cannot highlight enough why we need to live within walking distance of forests and shops and other fun things), it started drizzling a bit. Then as we were parking it started SNOWING. I kid you not, big fat melting snowflakes splatting on the windscreen. We just sat there and laughed.

After about ten minutes, the sky cleared up and we dared to get out of the car and set off on what turned out to be a very cold and very short walk. Still, we walked. And I took photos. And they look like this:

It's snowing!

5 minutes later...

30 seconds later...


And back home for some ZZzzzs

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