Brussels sweet little sprout

First of all, sorry for the very bad photos that will follow. I don't know why they turned out like this really. I had to edit lots of them, I must have been using a weird setting without realising...oh well, cuteness prevails so who cares!
We did a lot of very yummy food eating...



A lot of cuddling and smiling...

which involved lots of exploring...

We even had our own little adventure day with Sophie that included a looooong walk to the park (Seb pushing the pram and Sophie pushing her mini pram, stopping every couple of metres to show us the orange peel, dog poop, etc. that she came across... cute and disgusting at the same time)

A loooong go on the swings

Followed by a quick walk home as we were all frozen (this is when my flu started showing its ugly face). See that white building in the distance? See the top three windows? That's home!

Time for a bottle and a cuddle session while watching our favourite show: Winnie the Pooh (or "winnie poo", as someone says)

Some gift giving (my little heart is melting!)

Playing the weekend's most popular game: putting all the flowers in the wooden saucepan and then shaking it about wildly to create a flower explosion!! Such fun! Then Maurice the giant bear would help Sophie to pick the flowers up and put them back in the saucepan for another round of flower explosions!

Some cheeky attempt to flee the toilet

And more cuddles to finish off the day. All in all a great adventure! Thank you Val, Steve & Sophie!

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  1. Anonymous2/12/2013

    Looked like fun, the photo's are nice to see even if not perfect!