What do you do....

...when your employer selfishly refuses to agree to a mutual termination of contract, meaning you are forced to resign and give up your right to the safety net of unemployment benefits? What do you do when you know you will never be happy where you are and feel the urge to make changes, every day, on every level?

First, spend a day or two overloading on cheesy pinterest pep-talk posters


Then, go into cuteoverload mode

Get back your sense of humour. Get ready for subtle and satisfying revenge. Actually not revenge. More like karma. 

Look on the bright side

I've got my love, now all we need is a ticket. Well, and a tan, but that's not about to happen in Yorkshire now is it?


  1. Ah, I should've known. I've been there before too. It will all work out :). By next year this will all be a bad memory, and you'll wonder why you ever worked there for so long? Plus, now you can work more on your blog!

  2. Oh hon, so sorry to hear about your job. But the Pinterest quotes really do help, right? ;) When one door closes.... xo

  3. Anonymous2/22/2013

    Such a pity they are selfish when you have been so honest with them and worked so hard for them, probably harder than they realised!

    You have a positive outlook, love the quote 'It's better to look back on life and think 'I can't believe I did that, rather than to look back and say 'I wish I did that' (should be 'I wish I had done that') Having too much experience of having done the latter my advice is:

    Do what that quote' tells you, you will otherwise feel pent up, suffocated, depressed! You need to get on with your life, make progress! I'm sure that your alternative will work out, you will get there and you will be successful! You have a lot of 'go' about you, ability, a lot of 'good qualities' ;)

    BE HAPPY xxx