Making plans

Well, I'm back! For a minute there I thought I might just stay in Yorkshire. Why? Because look:

and look:

Snow-topped hills and cozy pubs. That's what I'm looking for. And it's what I'll be getting in three short months!! I resigned yesterday, we're giving notice for our flat at the end of the month, now all we need to do is find a nice little cottage in Haworth. And sell half our furniture and organise a move across an ocean, nothing we can't handle. Have you seen the level of cuteness of this place? I don't think you fully realise so I'm going to show you a bit more:

There are a couple of other villages in this area that are just a sweet, you'll be getting a tour of them soon. I can't believe we get to live in such a beautiful place for half the price we pay to live in the suburbs with this view:

What do you think? Are we making the right choice? I'm 200% sure already but I'd love to hear your opinion. I'm so so excited!


  1. There's no denying its very cute! I personally would move out of Paris into Yorkshire in a heartbeat ;).

  2. Anonymous3/20/2013

    It looks wonderful, beautiful pictures and much nicer than that awful rat race place where you live now!

    Hope the move is smooth and that your work plans work out.

    Best of luck <3 ;)