I love you(calyptus)

I'm happy to report that my many hints have paid off!

Last weekend Boyfriend came back from the shop with a nice big bunch of perfect grey-blue Eucalyptus! 

Wrapped in kraft paper too, just the way I like it. The smell hasn't quite developed yet but it will get stronger and stronger as the leaves dry out. 5 Euros well spent in my opinion! It makes a huge difference to the room.

The pampas grass was Boyfriend's idea too. He's developping quite the eye for nice things, I'm proud to say. Little did we know at the time he picked it that in the UK it's got a bit of a hidden meaning... quoting Wikipedia: "A widespread urban myth is that pampas grass is used by swingers to advertise their presence to other swingers in the area. The most commonly repeated version states that in the UK and Ireland a patch of pampas grass is planted somewhere in the front garden to act as a signal to passersby that swingers live in the home"

I'm glad we haven't got a front garden to put it in!

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  1. Anonymous4/20/2013

    Lol, I'm glad that the pampas grass I had planted at Laleuf died, (even though annoying at the time, the so called gardener, just made a small hole in the ground and threw it in instead of planting it properly!) there is (or was) a swingers club in Reuilly, lol!

    Your Eucalyptus is lovely, I like that very much too, but you do need a koala though! (Developing - English, developping - French) ;)