Spring has sprung

Why is it that now Spring is finally here I've been stuck inside for days with asthmatic bronchitis and a daily cocktail of cortisone and antihistamines to take? My doctor prescribed antibiotics too, but I'm not taking them. Not yet (I held out for 24 hours with the cortisone before gladly giving in). Anyway, I just got up to take my pills, now I'll probably go back to bed if I can sleep with the racket made by my wheezing chest and my fast-beating heart.

Hopefully Autumn will be here soon...

Oh and also, I've lost my mojo, because I found the perfect house, and somebody else snapped it up. I guess I should have been more insistent, but I didn't realise  the Haworth rental market was so competitive. We'll never ever find anything as nice as that house, so I'm very sad.

But I'll be back on my paws faster than you can say grated carrots. A million times.

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  1. Anonymous5/04/2013

    Aahhh, such a shame that house was snapped up but sometime you will find another one that you really like! And then you will have to

    I N S I S T

    that it is yours and they just hand you the contract to sign!

    Fingers are crossed!