Island in the sun

Every year my company sends us on a little trip somewhere nice with our husbands and wives as a treat for raking in bucket loads of money (they might not phrase it this way but I like the honest approach best).

Last year we went to Rio (hopefully you'll get a post about it one of these days...) and the year before it was Saint Martin. Tomorrow we're off to Martinique for a long weekend. My antibiotics have kicked in just in time, thankfully. I can't promise my neighbour on the aeroplane that I won't have the occasional coughing fit but I'm definitely on the mend at last! Now if only I didn't have this new and horrid rib pain (probably a side effect of the antibiotics, or the result of all this coughing, or from carrying that heavy bag of books the other day, we'll never know). 

It's going to rain apparently, and I'm secretly hoping we might get a big thunderstorm to watch from the safety of our hotel room. Because yes, I really am that adventurous. 

See ya bunnies!


  1. Beautiful photos.
    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Wow what a treat! Have a good time :)

    1. Thanks Polly! I'm looking forward to reading about your trip to Berlin! We were meant to go for Christmas 2 years ago but our flight was cancelled due to snow :( I've still got my brand new guide book somewhere, hopefully we'll make it there someday!