Pining for...discovery

There's only so much planning you can do 2 months before a move. Some of our furniture is up for sale, 2 things have been sold, the movers are booked, the ferry is booked, the boxes are here and waiting to be packed, the mobile contract cancellation letter has been sent, the house insurance policy cancellation is sorted (we'll even get money back, yay!). Now I'm stuck. Until I find a house.

So in the meantime, here are some of the things I have planned for once we're all nice and settled in that elusive house of ours.

Visit Whitby and the coast in general

Try a few of these restaurant in Manchester

This one is for Boyfriend: Rievaulx Abbey

High tea at Betty's of Harrogate. Or anywhere else really, I just want to be able to eat off one of those 3 tier thingies.

What else? Oh yes, here is a list of things I'll be doing: 


(you're welcome)

Resting my still fragile lungs in our lovely house which won't look like this but we will love it anyway.


Planning exciting getaways to Scotland and other places

Anywhere with a bathroom like this, really.


  1. Anonymous5/04/2013

    Exciting!!! It all looks so lovely and sounds like you are going to have alot of fun. Great to explore, to get to know your own country too!
    Good luck with finding a lovely house soon!

  2. Hello! New follower here from Little Birdie, I love you blog. :o) Good luck moving to the UK, I am sorry to hear the place you wanted fell through. The house market is very weird here at the moment but I am sure you will find something delightful soon. :) Looking forward to reading more. We have two pet rabbits and I appreciate your love for bunnies. :)

    1. Aaaah, thanks Sarah! I want pet rabbits too! Sadly I think my allergies won't let me :(

  3. Hello, another new follower here and Yorkshire girl! In fact I'm only a few miles from Harrogate. Will be catching up with your posts and welcome you to God's county when you get here. X

  4. Hi Sharon! Thanks for your sweet message! I can't wait to become a Yorkshire girl myself :) Roll on July xx