I see the sea, the sea sees me

Well I've been off work again since yesterday with another round of antibiotics and two new inhalers that are supposed to work wonders on my little lungs. Fingers crossed!

Last weekend we had an early Mother's day celebration with my Mama, and on saturday morning she and Boyfriend quite spontaneously decided it would be good to take our lungs to the sea for some nice reviving air. A few hours later, after stopping to take photos here

And here 

We landed in Etretat at a nice old hotel with Toile de Jouy bedrooms and a view like this: 

We went for a walk on the pebbled beach where I took a traditionnal desktop wallpaper photo 

It started raining while we were in the restaurant and the next morning our view looked like this: 

Goodbye cozy hotel annex!

The beach at Fécamp with a beautiful ship!

On the way home we drove through a little village called Allouville where we found this extremely old tree next to the church that was saved and made into a chapel by a priest.

Crazy no?

Right, I'm off to dig out some Summer clothes because in 3 days we're flying to another type of beach altogether...

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  1. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Lovely pictures, but I see no hens in with the sheep!!!
    That oak tree is said to be over a 1000 years old. In the 1600s, disaster struck. The then middle aged (roughly 470-year-old) oak tree, was struck by lightning, burning right through its center and hollowing out the trunk. However, not only did the tree survive this fate, but the newly hollowed tree came to the attention of the local Abbot Du Détroit and father Du Cerceau. Deciding they wanted to build a different kind of sanctuary they began building a shrine to the Virgin Mary directly into the hollow of the tree. Later another small chapel and a stair case climbing the outside of the tree was added. The tree is still alive, with branches and leaves growing, amazing, to read more about this click this link: