Tour de France - part 1

Well, not actually all of France. Just a couple of places that sell good wine and are home to good friends. 

We started off last Tuesday with a drive to Chinon, where our friend Charlotte is renting a gorgeous house with her son in a nice little town with lots of wine nearby.

So nice and quiet. And it felt great to be outside in the fresh air after a week cooped up in the flat with nothing to do but wheeze and watch the pollen float by through the window...

This is the view from her garden. When I said "with lots of wine nearby", I meant it.

This is the entrance to Ali-baba's cave, a.k.a. a local wine producer's troglodyte wine cellar, dug straight into the side of the hill. 

It was too dark for decent photos but this will give you an idea of the location. A nice "room" for wine tasting. Not that I could taste anything, but I played along and made polite comments about how yummy the wine was. Let's just hope everyone else was right because we've got 3 boxes of it now. 

At this point I don't care how ill nature has made me recently because it's beautiful and perfect.

We took a walk around the village, called Cravant les coteaux. Lots of old stone houses and wine producers. We even found an organic one!

Time for bed, birdies! 

After that we went to Tours where I had my first migraine (I think) and spent a lot of time in bed while other people had fun without me. No photos were taken.

Up next: the good ol' Berry, where wine tasting is also on the menu.

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