Pining for... luxuries

I'm feeling very much in need of nice things at the moment. Although I'm proud to say I have been sticking to my resolution not to accumulate any more stuff until the move (but surely when your sweet Mama comes for the weekend and insists on buying you a set of two gorgeous Hammam towels it would be rude to refuse, yes?).

Looking at alternatives to my dream sofa as it sounds like it's very very hard (and I plan to do a fair amount of couch-potatoe-ing in the upcoming months)

After 6 weeks of being taste-bud impaired I'm extremely frustrated and have lots of cravings that can't be satisfied... believe me, I've tried. 

In case you've been wondering...we still haven't got a house. This weekend we thought for a while that we had, but it turns out it's not available until August. What were the odds?! Every single house that's listed on Rightmove is available immediately, but the one we like is available in 2 months...(this isn't a photo of our non-house by the way. Wish it were)

Not that this ever happens in my office. EVER. Not that I'm looking forward to leaving the corporate world at all. NOPE. Not at all. 

Right, tomorrow I'm going back to see the doctor for the 4th time. I'm loving this bronchitis business.



  1. Hope you are a little further down the road to recovery...pester the boyfriend to bring you some more Eucalyptus!! Best Wishes, Mici x

    1. Thanks mici, that's really sweet of you! I went to see the doctor for the 4th (and hopefully last) time today, he gave me more antibiotics and stronger asthma medicine. I've been taking the eucalyptus leaves and simmering them in water, it purifies the air and makes the house smell really nice and fresh! I hope your garden is getting on well with all this rain!! xx

  2. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Couch potatoing? hhhmmmmm, well if you do, I hope it will be a comfortable couch! I hope you soon find a nice house, finger's crossed for you. <3