Country house

He lives in a house, a very big house in the countryyyy. 
It's funny how at the moment I wake up with this song in my head every morning. Our house isn't that big, and it may be in the country but it's also in a town, within about 5 mins walk of the nearest pub/coffee shop/supermarket. I don't want to risk overselling it because we haven't actually seen it, but it feels like the perfect little dream house.

Maybe this is a little premature because I haven't signed anything yet, but the tenancy agreement should be arriving by post within the next couple of days and I can't resist sharing some photos with you. Here is a glimpse of our (probable) future home:

With a little rear yard that looks out (sideways) onto the canal.

Lounge with a little wood stove and lovely laminate floors. Apparently the whole house has been renovated and there's no carpet in sight! This is nothing short of a miracle.

This is the 2nd floor bedroom which is huge and was designed by Tim Burton.
I haven't got pics of the 1st floor bedroom or the bathroom but they are supposed to be very large too and brand new with a separate shower and bath. We're just going to have to trust our landlady on this one...

This is the canal, and from the many hours I've spent on google street view trying to figure out the neighbourhood, I'm pretty sure the house with the black bricks is our neighbour's house. So we're only a few metres from the water and I'm pretty sure that means our "large cellar with lots of room for storage" will be wet wet wet. Boyfriend says we can still put the wine in it, so no worries. And I've got loads of mosquitoe repellent left from our tropical holiday. I'm taking it as another sign that this house was meant for us.

I could show you a picture of the kitchen but although it's all new, it's a bit icky from a colour point of view. Maybe you can see it once I've worked my magic on it!

Oh yes I forgot to mention: the house is in Hebden Bridge, not in Haworth as planned... after about a billion phone calls to estate agents and many disappointments I realised there just isn't enough choice in Haworth, good properties are few and far between and get snapped up within a couple of hours by people who live in the area. I won't bore you with my unreliable estate agent stories, but it's a tough market! I would never have imagined it would be this complicated to find a house in this area. In the end it wasn't though, because our landlady is incredibly (worryingly) laid back. We did submit an application for a different house in Hebden Bridge which has been accepted (money wasted now, booo) but I frankly don't know if I can ever be bothered to go through that whole process again. We might just have to stay in our little terraced house forever...


  1. So charming and such beautiful location - best of luck...I will keep my fingers and toes crossed!

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  3. How lovely! I know the location very well as I often go there for my photography! It is beautiful around there and your house looks and sounds great!
    Hope all goes well for you and you manage to move in soon!