Pining for... Hebden Bridge

Sorry I've been off the map these last few weeks, it turns out moving is hard!! Actually, not so much moving as spending time with all the friends you need to say goodbye to. But things are moving forward! We've signed the tenancy agreement, sorted the last moving details, sold most of our furniture, and tomorrow is my last day at work. Friday I'm taking off for Budapest for the weekend (with work, I know, I'm a lucky bunny), coming back on Sunday, and then five short days of packing boxes every day and seeing friends every night. 

I though I'd show you a bit more of our future town, so I had a little poke around Pinterest and this is what I found

Looks like my kind of town. 
I also found this blog and this article, which shows a house that we almost rented! It's been painted white since the photo shoot, which is a complete sacrilege in my opinion, but apparently renters like neutral tones in their houses. What you can't see is the claw foot bath and the stunning kitchen. This house would have been perfect had it not been right on the main road, with no pavement, just a very narrow access space between a long row of bushes and the road. No parking space either, and probably very noisy because of the road. Had I known that it was famous, I might just have taken it anyway... oh well! I like my little cottage by the canal.


  1. Oh you are going to Hebden you lucky lady! I love it there. X

    1. Yay! You'll have to come and visit us for the duck race :)