Martin Eeek

Another round of random shots from our Martineekend

I wasn't really up for a wild time because of my cracked ribs, so I had to give the water skiing and the boat trip (involving rowing and dangling over the edge on a pole to balance the traditional boat) a miss. Instead I stayed at the resort and got a massive sunburn on my legs.(I swear I have never had a bad sunburn like that. I'm still peeling.)  So that kind of put the damper on things too. I wasn't quite myself and sort of forgot about taking photos until the last day when I dashed around madly trying to capture things.

Our spot by night! 

Getting ready for the traditional "Black&White" party on the beach! Luckily we got tired and went to bed before the traditional "throw everyone in the sea" after-party

A moth on the beach! Doesn't it look like it's on the moon?

The morning before we left for the airport I decided to take a little flora & fauna tour of the Club Med.

Roamie was there too!

Little birdies having coffee

Cats snoozing in the bushes

Anyone know what these trees are?

It took about 10 shots for me to get this one. It's not perfect but I love it because hummingbirds are the cutest little things that ever lived.

Lizards aren't too bad either. Also, they're easier to take pictures of because they keep still when you tell them to.

On a totally unrelated topic, I think we may have found a house!!!!!!!! I hope to be back very soon with a confirmation and some pics! All I can say for now is that it's perfect for us. Completely and utterly perfect. I can't wait to breathe that sigh of relief when we finally get the keys into our hands...


  1. Funny title, amazing pictures and potential good news = great post ! :)

  2. Anonymous6/07/2013

    Hello, your pictures are all lovely, it's so nice to get shots of animals, the humming bird one is great! I think the lovely pink flower just above the humming bird pic is called Alpinia, named after a botanist long ago.

    The other pink flowers may be Bougainvillea but not certain. I think I've seen a strange tree like that one with the branches hanging down at the bottom before, maybe in Singapore. I tried looking for it online but no luck, would be nice to know what it is.

    Fingers crossed for your house, take care xxx

  3. Anonymous6/07/2013

    The flower the lizard is on is called Bird of Paradise flower, love that picture.

  4. Urrrghhh..I want to go back on holiday now. I recognise many of the plants from home (I'm from the Bahamas originally), but the only one that I know the name of for sure is the bougainvillea or bougie as I call it (the pink flowers), as its my very favourite plant. Great photos!