A few of my favourite (English) things

I can't tell you how serene I felt when we drove off the ferry in Dover last week, knowing we would soon be curling up in a comfy bed and breakfast in the English countryside. I hadn't ever stopped this close to the coast and I wasn't quite prepared for this level of quaintness! Tiny country lanes, sheep and baby lambs, green fields (not that there aren't any of those in France, but the green isn't quite the same), friendly pubs... and the most cosy room ever!

A room with a view, too...

Several views in fact. Is it me or are we having a staring contest?

Once again I had to snap pictures of every little corner of the room like a weirdo.

That jug... I want one! 

We drove to the nearby village of Appledore (this is all in Kent, by the way) for dinner at the local pub. I felt as if a film crew was going to appear any moment, that's how perfect all the houses looked. My heart also skipped a beat when I spotted a whole page full of vegetarian options on the menu at the pub. Not that I'm a hardcore veggie anymore, but given the choice I'm happy to go without meat. And I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when people are understanding about it and don't make me feel like a crazy person for this (yes France, I'm talking about you!). Anyway, this isn't a blog about food, it's a blog about pretty houses!

Also swan-shaped trees that grow in front of houses with names like "Abel". I tell you, this village was the essence of quaint. We even found a footpath along the side of a house that led us to this:

After a magical walk in the wild we took some more pics of the village and headed back to our comfy bed.

Oh how I would love to live in a house with a little gate and a little path leading up to it!

The abandonned house in the middle of the main street. Looks pretty haunted to me!

As usual I had to pick a dream house and this one was it. I like that it looks like the good ol' house I used to draw over and over again at school when I was 3 years old (minus the big braggy car).

As we were driving back to the B&B we came across this little stall by the side of the road. I particularly liked the sign: "Money in the letterbox. If you steal you will be caught!". Something else you wouldn't want to attempt in France.

After a good night's sleep we were treated to the full English (and I didn't even have to ask for the veggie option!!) in a gorgeous dining room where all the guests share a table and get to have a little chat.

Then we made our way to the town of Rye where I took a bazillion pictures to be posted soon. I would like to add that if you're ever looking for a beautiful and reasonably priced place to stay in the area I would highly recommend clicking here and booking straight away. The owners are the friendliest of people and sadly they explained to us that because most people (including myself) now use booking websites, they're no longer making any money and will probably end up having to sell the house. Don't let this happen! Visit Kent! You won't be disappointed!

I keep forgetting to say: there are lots more pics of our most recent adventures on my flickr page! Go and have a look!

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