Deck the halls

I'm not usually a fan of whipping out the Christmas decorations on the first of December, but this year is different, this year, I have a windowsill!!! 

And a coffee table (of sorts)!!!

And (Like every other year until I have a garden with room to plant my tree in after Christmas) a miniature tree with freaky angels.

What can I say? The angels are a family hand-me-down and I'm not about to give them up even though they look at me weird and seem to be missing half their bodies.

Since our tree is so small I decided to display the usual tree decorations that we've collected (God knows how, I've never bought one in my life) in a different way.

Gingerbread lady is so my favourite

Then I went all snowqueen on the cocktail cupboard (with a seasonal nod to martinies and eggnog, and whatever booze you might want to put in that other glass)

And maybe one of these days you'll get to see what the lounge actually looks like with its sofa in. Maybe it would be a Christmas miracle...

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  1. Anonymous12/07/2013

    That looks so nice, original and pretty. Some of those decorations look familier I think!