Heptonstall by night

Now and again I get the urge to go up to Heptonstall for a walk. (note that I didn't say "walk up to Heptonstall" - the locals will know why...take the steepest hill you can imagine and make it even steeper. Add a few cobbles and you're good to go! Or not.)

The plan was to get there just before sunset. And we did. About 3 minutes before the sun disappeared behind the hills. And all my photos are blurry and nasty. So I decided to go on a monochrome expedition instead.

Just want to point out that it's only about 4:30 in these pics...

Heptonstall is basically one street full of beautiful and extremely old houses. From time to time you get a glimpse inside one of them and let me tell you, they are the embodiment of cosy.

You get the occasional eerie passage or alley, but you know there's a nice warm pub at the end of the street with a roaring fire where people will be playing Irish folk music and everything will be ok again.

One of these Christmas lights is actually the moon. Can you guess which one?

I've posted more photos on my Flickr page if you want to take a look! Oh and don't worry, this blog is still about furniture and house stuff! Promise! Evidence coming very soon!

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  1. Caroline ! tes photos sont incroyables ! je suis bouche bée devant mon écran et là -maintenant - tout de suite- j'aimerais prendre mes gants et mon écharpe pour t'accompagner dans tes expéditions photographiques !