In which I declare my certain and undying love for my new home

Well, it's six months today since we spent our first night in Hebden Bridge. If you've been following for a while I'm sure you know how much I enjoy my new life, but just in case you didn't, I'd like to rub it in once more. Here are some of the little things that make Hebden Bridge feel special to me. 

Walking along the canal and spotting the last rays of Winter sun on the hilltops.

How unbelievably steep the foothpath up to Heptonstall is, but how gratifying those 15 minutes of torture are once you get to the top.

How pretty and clean Hebden Bridge looks after the rain (and it's just as well because that's how it's been looking most days recently). And the fact that there is a cafe specifically for humans and dogs.

That I can go out at the end of December and still see flowers everywhere. Probably not for long though.

That people aren't afraid to stand out and be different.

The creativity that's visible even in the most unexpected places.


The fact that there's always somewhere new to discover.

The many (almost too easy) photo opportunities.

And finally, the people of HB, who made us feel welcome and at home from day one...

... and the geese, who are an integral part of our daily lives, particularly in the Summer when they wake us up every morning.

I haven't mentionned the many lovely shops and cafes and restaurants and pubs that are a huge added bonus. Tonight I get to walk home from what's looking to be a pretty crazy new year's eve celebration and that's probably a first. So here's to firsts! And may 2014 be filled with them for you too.

Oh and the bridges. Musn't forget the bridges.

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  1. I love it there too. So glad you are happy in your new home. Wishing you a fab New Year. X