Just another winter's day

It turns out Mytholmroyd isn't that far after all. We took a walk along the canal and that's where we ended up. And this is what we saw along the way.

A new bench has appeared along the canal! A very nice bench too. I wonder why the horse though.

This is a close up of a bridge. With an insistent tree growing right out of it. Why not?

Dream house located. 

And by the time we'd had a hot drink in a pub, it was 4:30 and DARK. So far the only thing I don't like about living here: I feel like a grizzly bear who should be hibernating. 

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  1. Anonymous12/03/2013

    Wow, your photo's are beautiful and great quality too! I love that bench. Is that Harald swimming in the water? I know you love Hebden Bridge but wouldn't you rather live somewhere warmer? It makes me want to hibernate too having such short days, the sun was down behind the mountain before 16.30 today! xxx