Merry and bright

It's official: I'm done with present shopping!!! Are you? Good luck to those who are still crowd surfing in the M&S undies section looking for stocking stuffers!

I've also finished wrapping them! I like to go for a simple brown paper look for most things and this year I invested in some gardening twine and used cute little baubles for a more festive vibe. One lucky member of the family even got the "tea towel-wrapped present" treatment!

Our cards are hanging up over the redundant fireplace. I would have hung them all up there but can't seem to find the rest of my pegs. 

And just in case you missed it yesterday: here are some more shots of my pretty Hornsea jar sitting on the bookshelf. 

The blue really makes the design pop. I think I'm in love...

It's sitting right next to my little collection of crystal-looking things. All of these except the jug belonged to my dear Gran. The jug came from a charity shop in Ireland (hooray for travelling with a car that you can pack full of junk!).

And to finish off with a bit more Christmas cheer in case you haven't had enough yet, here are some cheeky little decorations that escaped the previous photo session... 

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  1. Anonymous12/21/2013

    Hello Caro, It all looks lovely, your gifts are beautifully wrapped, hope the T towel not for Uncle B as he got a T towel wrapped gift from me, lol! That one is more than just a T towel though I think. The Hornsea jar is very nice, dates from mid 20th century I think doesn't it?
    Which gran was the glass from? As you were not in the car when you went to London, I'm wondering.....
    Happy Sunday xxx