Berry part 1 - flowers

We spent last weekend in the centre of France at Boyfriend's parents' home. Its a cute little pink house in the middle of a tiny village (even the bakery is tiny: a van that comes round once a day! Of course everybody knows each other and the boulangère always stops for coffee at the pink house). 

Boyfriend's Mum is quite the gardener. She wins prizes for her garden most years and last year she was even awarded a distinction from the state! Crazytown. So I thought I would show you how a tiny garden can be jam packed with flowers. Let's go! 

This is the front of the house

And this is the side

The main garden is actually just across the street!

I can't remember what these are called but they're one of my favourites and I've never seen any in bloom before. aren't they stunning? They look as if they would need a ton of sun though. Our balcony would not be the best place.

 Now get ready for a picture explosion




The blue spots on the tomatoes are some kind of plant food. Not sure I would spray my vegetables with chemicals, but they seem to be growing nicely...

Now for some fun. There are three creepy crawlies and two feathered friends hidden away among these photos. Can you find them? (warning: trick question)

As a reward, here is a photo of a cat. Guess what it's eating. On second thoughts, don't.

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  1. omg, these flowers are stunning. Fabulous post, love! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest trend report & post for LaurenConrad.com xo