Berry part 2 - kittens and cocktails

Sigh. I've had my first blog related incident. I just wrote a post. A big one with photos and everything. Then I clicked somewhere, and BAM. All gone. I tried undoing, I tried going back, I tried stamping my foot and screaming. Nothing came back. So after a nice lunch and a watermelon smoothie I'm giving it another try.

So. Last weekend we went for cherry mojitos and home made lasagna at one of Boyfriend's school friend's house. She and her boyfriend just moved into a beautiful house they had built. I didn't take any pics of the inside as it's obviously still a work in progress, they only moved in two weeks ago after all. Hopefully though I'll be back in a couple of months with photos of the stunning kitchen, beautiful bathrooms and the pool. This is one serious swimming pool. Actually I do have a picture of it, though it's not very good. Should I?

Yes that is solidified sand that you can see around the pool. Yes, there are in fact TWO pools, and yes, the rock wall is hidden by a waterfall when the pump is switched on. The bottom of the pools are lined with blue tiles. This is one hell of a pool in my opinion.

Now for the photo avec cocktail

What? I had a difficult week at work, I deserve this kind of luxury.

The other main attraction of this house was the tiny 2-month old maine coon kitten. 

She didn't have a name so we called her Fluffy. As in "it's so fluffyyyyyyy!"

Some of these are going straight to www.cuteoverload.com

 Isn't that tummy just screaming to be rubbed?

But no! We must play at attacking everything around us!

And now time for bed. With my nose on the floor, so comfy. 

Actually given the heat around here I would be quite happy to lie down on the cool floor for a little snooze.


  1. I know!! Too bad it's in a (too) quiet little town in the middle of nowhere otherwise I might have moved in!