Small cool kitchens 2012

Guess what?

Last week I entered this competition thinking I probably wouldn't get in. I hadn't had any news by last friday and had more or less forgotten about it. Then we went to Lille for the weekend (more on that later, it's a lovely place full of cheese). On sunday morning I was bored waiting for Boyfriend to wake up so I decided to check my emails on my Blackberry (I don't usually do this, it's my number one rule to decide when and where I'm available) and after a lot shouting and jumping on the bed I managed to get the message through to Boyfriend that our kitchen was officially on the interwebs. Totally rad. (I'm trying out the word rad at the moment).

I'm so excited. The best part is, they've just decided to extend favouriting until thursday, which means I may not end last of the last with 11 votes (this was the case yesterday). 

You know what to do...... Vote! Vote! Like a man in a boat!

(obviously I will never stand for election, my slogan still needs a bit of work).

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