Before & After toy suitcase

For my niece's second birthday I wanted to make something a bit special, because let's face it, my niece is the cutest human being on earth (I'm serious). Look at that face.

Not convinced? Look at this face.

Still not? Come on.

Right. Now we've established that my niece is the best (and that her parents are pretty sweet too) we can get on with what I made for her.

I picked this little cardboard suitcase up at Hema, after they finally decided to open a shop in France. Yay!

I used some red paper with little white polka dots (also from Hema) to cover the top and bottom of the suitcase to make it a bit less boyish and a bit more cute.

Then I added some letters which I cut out from white paper with pink polka dots (from guess where) to spell out Sophie's name and wrapped it up nicely.

Ready for the big reveal?

I think she liked it.

I also made her something else, which you can spot on one of the pictures if you look carefully. More on that soon!!

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