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Today I'd like to talk about one of my favourite websites: www.wallpaperdirect.co.uk

This is where I finally found the wallpaper for my secretary desk after searching in a zillion French shops and websites.

I was browsing it again the other day, looking for ideas for my friend Manu, and I had an idea: why not order a few wallpaper samples and use them in a project? I had spotted several interesting earthy designs and decided to throw them together and see what they would look like:

Not bad, what do you think? Since I was on the lookout for insiration for my horrible seaside carnage tray table, I thought it might be nice to mix these samples up and stick them on the bottom of the tray, protect them with a custom-cut pane of glass, paint the table a nice dark grey, and BAM! The perfect little living room side table. From this:

To this:

All for €2.25, since the first two samples are free. 

I'm not sure whether I'll use all the designs but since each sample is an A4 size I'll have plenty to go around.

Exciting, right?

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