Sophie's treasures

This was another little gift for my niece's birthday. 

I actually had the idea looking for inspiration for Design Sponge's Painter's tape contest. I was a bit bummed that I didn't take any "in progress" photos of my chevron bar cart as I really like the result and would have loved to submit it.

So since I didn't have much time I decided to go for something much smaller. This Mate tub was quick and easy to paint, and in the middle of the first coat I had the idea to make it for little Sophie to keep things in. Maybe a bit early since she's just about to turn two, but she likes to put stuff in it, press the lid on, then pull it back off and take everthing back out. She's very meticulous and I can tell she's inherited her auntie's love for organization.

Anyway, I started by painting the whole thing white. Many coats of white later, I stuck the painter's tape on and broke out my beloved neon pink paint:

I didn't want straight stripes so I stuck the masking tape on in a way to create a wavy pattern (which I realise isn't really visible here).

I had to leave the top of the tub free of paint otherwise the lid would have been too small to be used.

I added some silver stripes too just to make things interesting.

Ta-daaah !

The rose on the top of the lid is a happy accident.

I love the texture and the fact that it's fairly resistant, hopefully it will keep Sophie entertained for a couple of years !

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