Prie-dieu before & after

This weekend, I did not do housework. I did not sort out any photos from our weekend in Lille and I certainly did not write a post about i.

But it was all for a good cause. I got two major projects done. Dusted. Finito. No more furniture hanging around in the hallway waiting to be painted. Well, sanded, painted, and painted again. But the biggest project I'm saving for tomorow. This one got done in about 35 mins while I was resting my wrist (sanding is HARD).

Remember the prie-dieu?

Well it's now a prie-clothes-hanger-for-the-bedroom:

I'm not sure where to put it yet. Here?

Or there?

Now we can each have our own clothes 'hanger' too, no need to fight over who has the most 'currently being used' clothes anymore!!

I'm not sure about leaving the wood as it is, I probably decide to change it in a month or so and either paint the whole thing green or add another colour. Or sand it and start all over again! Nothing can stop me now I have a sander!!!

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