Eat more rabbit food

In an attempt to eat more vegetables while using up the delicious goat's cheese we've been nibbling at for 3 weeks now (Boyfriend's Mum sent us home with 5 huge cheeses from the local farm! They've been stinking out the fridge for days), I tried out a new recipe this weekend.

I present to you, the cheese and beetroot whopper

Inspired by a recipe I swear I saw last week on the internet, only I can't remember where.

I made up my own dressing using umeboshi vinegar and basil infused olive oil.

This post is conclusive proof that I suffer from geometrically poetic plate syndrome. In other words, something on my plate always ends up looking like a flower.

On another food related note, I might soon get round to showing you what we got up to in Lille, the worldwide capital of Maroilles (very yummy strong cheese, in case you hadn't guessed)... stay tuned!

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  1. This looks gorgeous, a lovely healthy meal so artistically presented! Hope it tasted as good as it looks!