An English road trip: Odd is good

One of the nicest things about seeing family is pulling up in their driveway and seing two grinning faces jumping up and down and waving at you from the kitchen window. Rather heart warming don't you think? 

Well that pretty much sums up our 3 days with my favourite aunt, uncle and cousin (pictured below) in the glorious town of Nuneaton. 

There was a lot of this

A fair amount of this 

And an adventurous day at Foxton locks that involved driving through a field of cows (not pictured below). 

Who said it's always raining in England? 

Pimm's for everyone!!

I ordered this purely because if its name and now I've forgotten it. Something like lumpy bumpy toffee pie.

I needed a bit of exercise after that. 

The extremely rare black and white heron. Mostly found in remote areas of France. It does occasionally emigrate to the UK during the summer months. 

Oh and did I mention the food?

Thanks for having us, Oddies! We missed you this Christmas!!

Now were did we go after that? Oh yes! Henges and fox pods! Go Wiltshire!

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