Eddie Izzard

On a totally unrelated note....

I recently went to see Eddie for the second time in my life in a tiny little theater in Paris. This time I knew how small the room was and I made sure we were at the front of the queue to get front seats. We were literally sitting 1 meter from the stage. I even rested my feet on the ledge for a bit (like all the other nonchalant Parisians were doing). Don't believe me? Get ready for some poor quality photography.

There. I've left it small because I'm nice like that.

And here he iiiiis! Eddiiiiiiiie! He actually walked right past us while we were waiting to be let inside the theatre and SOMEONE (not gonna say who) found nothing better to do than to shriek out his name like a silly little girl. Again, not gonna say who. Luckily I don't think he heard me.

But that's not all. Eddie SPOKE TO ME, not once, but TWICE! And Boyfriend just happened to be filming! Proof that God exists, contrary to what Eddie says.

Watch this video to find out what he said. It's totally worth it.

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