Grandfather singer

On our last trip to the Berry we were invited to have lunch at Boyfriend's grandparents. I politely declined the home made liver paste, only to be confronted with a plate of tongue (as in the tongue of a dead cow) five minutes later as a main course... let's just say things were a little uncomfortable for a while, but I managed to keep it off my plate and I wasn't even sick from the smell (** proud face**).

As we were leaving, Bernard went out to his garage and rifled around in his trailer. This is what he came up with:

Lots of vintage treasures!! I'm still cleaning some of it up, but the sewing machine now has pride of place on our bookcase. 

It only just fits and I don't think I can get any of the books out from behind it but as I'm not the one reading Pratchett in French I've decided that's OK. To my standards it's very big for something that has no function, but it has sentimental value and all my friends are jealous so I guess we're keeping it. 

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