1. (of ground or terrain) Having a broken, rocky, and uneven surface: "a rugged coastline".
  2. (of a machine or other manufactured object) Strongly made and capable of withstanding rough handling.

rough - tough - coarse - rude - uneven

I know what you're thinking. It can't possibly take a month to take a quick picture of a rug. Well it doesn't. Can it take a month to sort through fifteen identical photos and upload two of them? Yes it can! You know why? Because I have a life, people. A life full of office job and public transport (far too much of that) and when I leave in the morning it's still dark outside and when I get home it's dark too. What about the weekend, you'll say? The weekend is too full of housework and freelance work and the much needed doing of nothing while sipping cocktails. AND the light in the bedroom is never quite right, it's just too dark. I need to move. Yes, the solution to all my problems is to move. To a place with bigger windows, preferably in another country.

Anyway...Here it is ! My West Elm rug! I luuuuuurve it. What more can I say?

The cherry trees were so pretty a few weeks ago! I'm HATING this winter, it's not even properly cold! Dear Jackfrost, please come hom from Ibiza, the elves are waiting...

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