Making family traditions

The ups of having Christmas in your own home: you can do a load of laundry while the turkey is cooking.

Actually, it wasn't even turkey as Marks & Spencer's had run out by the time we crossed Paris to do our food shop on Christmas eve, so we had gammon, and nobody was offended at our new tradition (except maybe a pig). 

What was I trying to say? Oh yes! Happy boxing day to all you bunnies!!!

I hope you and your families had a lovely Christmas. I had a very relaxing day with Boyfriend and booze and presents and friends.

Catch a glimpse here:

Lunch at Prêt à manger next to the new M&S. Not quite as fun as being in London, but you can't get closer without hopping on the Eurostar 

My lovely paper stars that will. not. stay. up.

Can you overdose on candle fumes?

I still don't know how to use my camera. 

Proof: the only picture of our presents. Grainy much?

Christmas breakfast: fresh scones and one present to help us out of bed

Some of my presents!! As usual my sister-in-law got me a lovely gift that you can find here (thank you for using my Pinterest wishlist Valérie, you're my reason for keeping it going!!), and Boyfriend gave me my much awaited edition of the YHL book.

Much eating was done

As well as some drinking. We didn't even have the cheese until about 5PM, then our friends came round for nibbles and drinks and by the time they left banoffee pie just didn't appeal to me at all. HOWEVER, you know I am a dedicated foodie, plus its best before date was the 24th, so I dug in anyway in front of a few episodes of Miranda (another Christmas present from B). Its was delicious. 

Such fun!! Now tomorow is my big blog catch up of 2012, get ready for some serious time travel people!! Many posts to come! I like to think I'm keeping you entertained at the office while your colleagues are on holiday skiing in the French Alps. You know what? Skiing is actually not fun at all.

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  1. Anonymous1/24/2013

    Only just saw this post,I somehow missed it before. Your Christmas dinner looked lovely and it sounded like a very nice Christmas day!