Autumn decor

Is it too late to show you my sideboard setup from November? Let's pretend it's not currently all full of Christmas stuff and wind back a bit. 

You know those cute orange things that you can eat? Sometimes in a pie? 

And you know those yummy green and yellow things that make spaghetti?? They make cute Autumn decorations too. Technically it is still Autumn you know. Winter will start on the 22nd. Unless the world really does end on the 21st in which case I will be bummed because I'll have decorated for nothing.

This deer was a present from my Granny to my Mama and I love it even though it keeps falling over and scaring me s***less. The felt bunny is an Easter decoration from Villeroy & Bosch that was left over from my Halloween decor. How could I possibly put him back in the cupboard when he was giving me the beady eye look?

It's looking a little crowded over on that side though. Is it better without the frame?

Maybe. I love the string of origami stars that my friend Suzel gave me. It's even made its way into my Christmas decor. Something always gets carried over. Hopefully I'll get around to posting some pics of that before Spring comes...

Oh and the rest of my holiday adventures...and the rest of the treasure hunt series...it's a little daunting for me but should be very exciting for you!! Hang in there little bunnies, I'm catching up!

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