An English road trip: a henge, a pod and a cathedral

We left Nuneaton on a bright sunny morning (as far as I can remember) and headed down to Stratford-upon-avon. Not loads going on there, we had a nice lunch (plus free parking, thank you kind person) and and poke about the antique fair. 

Handed to us by a stranger as we were driving into the car park. Not happening in Paris in a million years.

Of course we couldn't resist snapping of picture of this old house that has something to do with Shakespeare. Overall I was a little disappointed in the town itself though, specially the charity shops (because that is how the greatness of a place is assessed here on bunnies & stripes).

On to another town which I've forgotten the name of!! It was very cute with lots of antique shops and cool looking old buildings (also an important criteria on this blog).

"The Marshmallow". Best tea room name ever or what? 

We like our coloured animals in the UK. 

Hello reference to my favourite Disney film that creeps me out because it is a chip shop yet I have to share it because not many people can make fish & chips sexy AND child-friendly.

Now for the big reveal you've all been waiting for!!!! Ready? Don't blink or you might miss it:

Stonehenge! As seen from the side of the road. Yes this is my best shot, most of the others looked like this:

So yes, that's pretty much when we decided we didn't want to pay lots of money to be taken to a huddle of stones on a bus and then stand around not being allowed to touch them. But our foxpod glamping experience and our walk to the nearby pub at dusk made up for that little disappointment!

Foxpods are all the rage and are popping up all over the UK at the moment. I wouldn't particularly recommend the bathroom facilities of this one so I'm not giving the name of the campsite...you can see from the pics that it was in a rather remote and pretty area though!

Failed photo = accidental super cool photo!

Hello dream-house!

We both made several attempts to take a good picture of this field while sipping our beer/Pimm's outside the pub.  

Foxpod by night!! Crazy solar lights that come on automatically and are quite handy when you need the loo at 4AM and are baking inside your little wooden furnace that has accumulated heat all day long. Overall an interesting experience, although I'd recommend our next destination and sleeping quarters any day over this: New Forest here we come!! This was one of my favourite places and I've got lots and lots to say bout it so stay tuned...but first, a quick trip to Salisbury for food,

cool bricks,

and of course...


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  1. Je vais devenir une star à force d'apparaître sur les photos de ton blog ! Et comme j'ai un ego gros comme un saumon (si si, c'est plutôt gros quand c'est adulte un saumon), je dois dire que je suis content ! Je ne me rappelais pas que les photos étaient aussi belles (spécialement la tourte de Salisbury, ça donne faim !)... Un jour, on habitera en Angleterre et tu pourras faire des posts exotiques sur nos vacances dans le Berry et dans le Nord !