Pick me up

This past week has been a bit horrid (understatement). And the next few weeks are looking pretty bleak too, so after an early morning and a dental appointment on Saturday I decided I needed a treat. 

This is the first time I've bought myself flowers. I always thought it would be a bit awkward but it was really nice to be able to choose the ones I liked and watch a beautiful bouquet come to life. I've been going on about for Eucalyptus and Ranunculus for ages and I think now Boyfriend has seen them he'll remember that flowers from an actual florist are more expensive than supermarket flowers for several reasons: 
- they are gorgeous
- they smell amazing
- they come beautifully wrapped
- you get to have a friendly chat with another human being while supporting their small business (and a very cute one at that. The shop is teeny but so full of smells and colours and overall very calming)

So there you have it. I'm not going to make a habit of it because I know there's nothing eco-friendly about the flower trade, but desperate situations call for drastic pick-me-ups.

It's certainly working. Well, that and the 2 hours of warm wooly sweater shopping we did afterwards.

I placed a few twigs of eucalyptus on my bedside table. I keep sniffing them all the time. I can see where koalas get their zen from.

Now you know I spent hours trying to get some artistic close-ups don't you? Here are some of the less out-of-focus ones.

I could just curl up and hibernate inside those soft white folds. 

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  1. Anonymous1/14/2013

    What a beautiful bouquet! Can almost smell it from here!