Back to bed

Well...here I am, sitting on the sofa in my panda suit with a box of tissues to my right and some honey tea to my left. Looks like the Belgian super virus got the best of me. That's right bunnies, I'm officially off work for 3 whole days! A first for me!! And although I'm extremely tired, I have to admit I am a bit excited at the idea of spending the next 4 days doing nothing but sitting around and watching intellectually challenging documentaries, the occasional episode of Modern Family, browsing Pinterest and/or buying stuff online. 

It helps that Boyfriend is taking his role as a nurse extremely seriously and cooking delicious meals that don't hurt my very very sore throat.  

Right, I'm off, time for my second nap of the day. Typing is exhausting...

Don't worry though, more posts are on their way! And for the sake of unbelievable cuteness, here is a little preview of a whole other type of sausage:

The Sophie moo-cow bouncy roll. Best enjoyed straight out of bed for a fun start to the day.

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  1. Anonymous2/02/2013

    Ahh, that little Sophie sausage is soo cute! Your dinner looked good too, looks like English sausages? Mmmmmm

    I hope your throat is better now?