An English road trip: THE PIG, Brockenhurst

On our second and last day in the New Forest I booked us a table at THE PIG (sorry, can't help the capital letters, it's just THAT GOOD) for lunch. We arrived a bit early and had a bit of a walk around. 

And why wouldn't there be a giant swing in the front yard?

It looks a bit intimidating from the outside when you walk up to it, but just you wait! It's run by a bunch of hipsters and rockabillies! No not really, but the staff is very friendly and laid back and understanding of the child within you that just wants to run around madly and explore and take pictures because every nook and cranny is full of surprises.

Would you care for a drink at the bar before lunch?

Spot the pig!

YES I think I would.

On to the dining room?

Luckily we arrived just before the crowd and we able to snap lots of pics like the big tourists that we were without feeling too embarrassed. I even tried to get all artsy but it didn't quite work out.

Specially when I forgot to change the setting back for our first course: platter of delicious little piggy things!

These nonchalant little herbs were just sitting right behind me growing like they weren't in a lovely restaurant or something.

See the tiles? I want some.

Boyfriend liked them so much that he took pictures of every single one and has turned them into book ornaments. You can see them all here, and while you're at it you might as well take a look at the billions of pretty ornaments he's created based on pics we've taken during our travels. I think his website is quite pretty for a boy's website!

Right, back to the food. I had risotto, Boyfriend had crab, and we shared a violet crème brulée with little home made shortbread biscuits.

Fantabulous, as Tilly would say. (I've officially overdosed on Miranda).

I'll spare you the pictures I took in the loo because they didn't turn out as pretty as the loo actually was. Black and green tile + velvet chaise lounge = inspiration you will NEVER be able to put to use when renovating your own real life bathroom.

We took turns snapping pics of the house and its various rooms

It felt so homely and nobody seemed to mind that we were hanging around enjoying the place even though we'd already paid for our meal, we even got directed to the kitchen garden for a little walk around the vegetable patches.

Some of my lunch grew right here!

Huge bench carved out of a tree trunk.

 And the pizza oven thingy round the back! 

Goodbye Piggywig! I'm so happy we got to eat here and I now want to live in the New Forest to be able to pop round whenever I fancy.


  1. Looks amazing! I'm hoping to visit the New Forest this year, will keep an eye out for it!

  2. Gosh looks such a lovely and fun place. I love all those glasses in the bar, so pretty!

  3. Oh yes! I'm really disappointed that the silver butter dish is in all their restaurants, I thought it was special !!! ;) Must try this one too. thanks for sharing xx