Pining for white

I've decided to stop raking my brains for a clever pun related to my (ahem) weekly Pinterest post and just call it "Pining for..." as it usually relates to things that I either want to have or want to live in/around. 

Ok so these are basically just things I want.

I can't wait for my big Christmas present to finally get here. Boyfriend said it's coming from very far away...I wonder what it is. In any case it betta be good cos it's pretty darn late! 

Something else that got done during my staycation was my all new Pinterest board called 'At home', that complements my still existing board 'For the home'. I thought it would be nice to have a board that shows everything I actually own and what my home looks like in real life, that way I can see it evolve and so can you! 'For the home' will continue to be used for inspirational purposes and I must admit I'm still as addicted as ever... What the hell did I do with my time before Pinterest? 

Paint more things, probably. 



  1. Gosh I'm intrigued about your mystery big present too now! Hope you'll show us when it arrives :)

  2. Of course I'll show you :)
    Unless I hate it...
    Oh what the hell, I'll probably show you anyway!