Dream a random little dream

I had the funniest dream last night that I just can't resist sharing:

I was looking into buying a pair of trainers (I've been getting quite a lot of exercise lately and I just had to throw my 12-year old Nikes away after they fell apart when I washed them at 40°) and my Mama was showing me a pair kind of like this on Skype:

Then all of a sudden she was showing me a lamp and saying "it's got yellow on it too, so it might be more useful than trainers!". 

Yeah, right...

Needless to say I wasn't convinced. But my Mama kept on insisting and I didn't really know what to say...awkward!

Also, that lamp was ugly. So ugly that I looked all over the interwebs and couldn't find anything like it. Try to picture something like this:

But with a smaller shade, and covered in fabric kind of like this with green swirls added in the mix: 

Mind you, this IS the sort of random thing my Mama would do. Maybe it wasn't a dream after all. Or maybe it was, and my subconscious is telling me it's time to buy an ugly yellow lamp. Or that it's time for a Pinterest detox...

Now I regret getting rid of that dictionary of dreams that I bought when I was a sentimental little teenager. Not that it was of much use. I've only ever had one dream about loosing my teeth and at the time I found out that it can mean about a million different things.

So what could this dream mean? Any ideas?


  1. Anonymous1/28/2013

    This dream means that you need new trainers and should ask your mother's advice about them!

    It also means that you stop thinking that your mother makes random disassociated suggestions and realise that that is just in your mind (lol) and that your mother always has a reason for her suggestions whether you realise it or not! Just believe!

    1. Anonymous1/28/2013

      Those trainers look very nice, nicer than the lamp ;)

  2. Anonymous1/28/2013