An English road trip: Beachy Head and Eastbourne

We left Brighton in a hurry to get to the lighthouse while the light was good. This is a little of what we saw.

Very very beautiful. I can see why Eddie is trying to save it

Eastbourne on the other hand, was hardly worth stopping in. Although our B&B hosts were lovely and the seafront is quite pretty, the minute the sun sets it's like the town closes down.

That's how we ended up eating in a diner. Not that I don't enjoy a good burger, but something a little more authentic might have been nice.

The truth is I was dead jealous that the people across the restaurant got to eat with the Obamas. They look so friendly too. Is Batman their official bodyguard now? Have I missed something?

See the empty hall of fame? Something to do with eating 50 chicken wings and downing 2 litres of Coke. Maybe they give you a statue of George W. Bush too? I wonder what happened to him when Obama was elected? 

Next up is our very last destination: Bexhill-on-sea! Much more exciting than it sounds!

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