An English road trip: the New Forest

Now this is going to sound like I'm fifty years old or something, but after the foxpod adventure (more specifically the showering facilities on the campsite) I wasn't really feeling up to 2 days of camping. The weather had turned a bit drizzly and our anniversary was coming up, so I unanimously decided we should splurge on a nice B&B. It took a bit of looking but we found a lovely house on the edge of Brockenhurst and only now do I realize I didn't take a picture of the front of it. Go Caro! You can have a look on their website though.

Here's what our "suite" looked like from the inside

Oh, master bedroom. You had me at chaise longue.

Second bedroom with two twin beds and very vintage sink. Miniature curtain alert! Cosiness factor has just skyrocketed! 

This is the view from the main bedroom into the second bedroom, with the door to the bathroom off to the left. 

Looks like our hosts are either colour-blind or their decided to go mad for a million different patterns when decorating. I liked it the way you like staying in interesting places while thinking "Thank God my home doesn't look like this".

The breakfast room was pretty busy too...

...as were our plates. We got lost in the forest and took a 7-hour walk that day though so I think it's safe to say we burned off most of the bacon.

Now for a look around the village and the surrounding forest!

Random pretty house that looked out onto this:

Wild ponies!! Ponies everywhere! I didn't think there would be this many, they we all over the place and very cute indeed. Now I'll try not to bore you too much with ponies and trees here, all you need to know is that we got lost, thought we'd found the oldest tree in the forest, visited the new forest reptile center which is also home to a snoring sow and her piglets (very random), then after a lot of arguing about which way to go it turned out Boyfriend was right and thanks to him we didn't get eaten alive by squirrels.

What's wrong with this picture?

What a sarcastic little sign. At this point we had no idea how to get back to Brockenhurst...

...so we left the path and just walked madly across the forest. Luckily the ponies here were nice and friendly too.

The Oldest tree in the forest. Not. 

And then after HOURS of walking...

I see a house!!

I see the path!! Felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland at this point

We celebrated by going for a drive to Lymington where we did not get as far as the sea before being sucked in by a nice cozy pub. What I liked best about Lymington was the very woodsy Boots sign. 

Next up is a very special post about my favourite dining experience ever at THE PIG!! Oink oink!

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