Pining for experiments

Now that I've been back at work for a couple of weeks, my precious feeling of endless possibilities is slowly fading. All day long I say to myself: "right, tonight I'm baking that cake, tonight I'm cleaning the bathroom"... then I leave work and get on a train and then on another train and then I'm home and the evening is gone in a flash and I've done nothing. How do you do it?

Anyway, this is what I'd rather be doing with my time. Food experiments!!

Learning how to use my camera instead of just pointing and hoping for the best with random settings

But thanks to a very drafty flat, chances are I'm going to be spending many more evenings doing this


  1. When I worked full time, it was soul-sucking. Especially in the winter when I left for work and came home in the dark. I couldn't even bear to stand at the stove and cook something. I just ate stuff straight from the fridge. Plus, I was exhausted. Anyway, I'm trying to say -- I know exactly how you feel :).

  2. Anonymous1/18/2013

    I think that often when you think your house looks untidy or dirty it isn't really, it is just that you like the look of it when it has been JUST CLEANED! It can't look 'just cleaned' all the time. Lately I have stopped trying to keep up with keeping my house looking perfect, it is much nicer to do things like I did yesterday, making the marmelade, I enjoyed that!

    I once knew a woman who told me that she cleaned her windows every day (!!!!) My thoughts were that when she died upon her headstone her family could write: SHE WAS A GREAT CLEANER!! I don't want anybody to remember me for that and that is not what you want people to remember you for!

    Please Caro, just do the things that you enjoy doing! Experiment with baking, learn to use your camera, life is too short! When you do things like baking, making marmelade etc, you enjoy your free time, then you learn to fit in a quick clean around and you feel better, you enjoy life more and you need that!

  3. Anonymous2/02/2013

    By the way, I just saw the photo' that probs led you to say you must learn to use your camera, it is a very good picture! The cobblestones, the reflection of the building and the puddles, it is really lovely!